The telecommunications example demonstrates how a monopoly can become one of the most exciting sectors in the world. Finding a path into mobile data communication and strategic positioning in the mobile value-added chain is becoming the key challenge for every telecommunications company. Customers are looking for and using the market opportunities offered by broadband networks and new hardware technologies and we will help them at any time to tailor services according to need, in a future-oriented and profitable way.

Expinfo delivers world-class business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology (IT) solutions to all facets of the communications industry, including voice, data, broadband, telephone, wireless, cable, entertainment, and satellite service providers.

We also provide customer relationship management services, finance and accounting functions, and information technology solutions for our clients in the communications industry. BPO and IT services from Expinfo reduce operating costs and improve customer service and retention for our communication industry clients, enabling them to focus more time and money on their core business.

Telecommunication industry services

  • Understanding customer attitudes
  • Exploiting the customer data assets
  • Cutting customer service costs to Implement and integrate web self-service channels Securing customer information assets
  • Reducing Customer's internal fraud
  • Integrating customer systems

IT Systems

Telecom Collaboration System

The system allows unified communications applications to improve employee collaboration, and mobility—all while reducing communications costs. The Functions include unified messaging, meet me conferencing, find me/follow me capabilities. Employees can control and customize their apps with just a few easy clicks.