Individual Training

Expinfo, Inc. offers short-term professional courses specifically designed for the following User Segments. These Users are expected to devote two hours daily to learn the existing and upcoming technologies in the field of IT. The segments to which our training portfolio offerings will be beneficial are:

  • Individuals aspiring for career opportunities in the Information Tehcnology industry
  • Tehcnology Working Professionals - Aiming for Knowledge up-gradation
  • Information Technology related Entrepreneurs - Aiming to start their business individually in the field of Information Technology
  • Students - Aiming for good grades in Examinations as well as enhancing their expertise

"Training is focused on the individual needs and skill level of each employee resulting in more effective learning and higher retention."

Benefits of the Expinfo's individual 1-to-1 FocusPoint® Training

  • The Training system demonstrates its commitment to each individual by providing personalized training resulting in a more confident and highly motivated future.
  • Individuals are able to receive assistance with multiple applications in the same session reducing the need for separate training classes.
  • Training is focused on the individual skill level of each individual resulting in more effective learning and higher retention