Government Solutions

The economic climate is forcing government organizations to contend with critical and competing demands. Agencies must expand social services, stimulate and accelerate economic recovery, provide better customer service and comply with privacy and environmental regulations - all while cutting costs and handling an ever growing workload.

We can help Government organizations improve their IT operations and serve their respective stake-holders better. Expinfo currently utilizes the GSA IT Schedule 70 contracting vehicle to meet a wide variety of customer requirements. We are also working aggressively towards acquiring other Government and DOD contracting vehicles.

Contract Vehicles
Contract: Schedule 70
Contracting Organization: General Services Administration (GSA)
Prime Contractor: EXPINFO INC.
Contract: GS-35F-0265W

Following are some of the Government Enterprise System projects developed.

Document Manager

The system provides a robust document management module that enables online document storage, collaboration, workflow and organization for system users. Additionally, the Doc Manager feature oversees the check-in/check-out process, ensures that a proper audit trail is preserved for review purposes and directs routing and approvals. You can use applications you already know to create, edit and import documents from many different input channels.

HR Systems(Client Server Application):

The system was developed specifically for the various user roles throughout the Human resource and Management department. This web-based application has many additional and unique features other than the standard HR features and has the capability to record, retrieve and manage information in real time in a secured environment. Employee Addition/Edit, Employee search based on various record criteria, Main entry page involves Employee details based on type, status, division, title, function detail. Records includes: Identifiers, Assignments, Personal Info, Time tracking, Cluster View, History and Reporting.

Expinfo has been providing Government solutions for the following operations.

Admin & Finance

Much of the work needed to keep government operating happens behind the scenes. Tasks such as converting paper to images, keeping information technology operating at maximum capacity, and routing requests for service are operational necessities. Often, such transaction-based processing can be handled more efficiently by an experienced, reliable provider such as Expinfo.

Our years of experience in specialized administrative operations such as government records management, IT management, and unclaimed property management enable us to provide flexible, customized services that meet the needs of city, county, state, and federal clients. With Expinfo providing administration and finance services behind the scenes, government clients can focus on their core mission and redistribute resources to serve their constituencies more effectively.


With ever-increasing attention to environmental issues such as global warming, government agencies with environmental responsibilities are moving to center stage, but without an increased budget to put their plans into action. Tackling the environmental challenges cannot be successfully done by just one department. It will require integrated solutions and collaboration across multiple programs and departments such as natural resources, transportation, licensing and law enforcement. These agencies need ways to improve both their technology and operations if they are to succeed in accomplishing environmental goals. Expinfo offers customized solutions to help environmental agencies meet their goals.

Health Care

Government health insurance programs like Medicaid and Medicare are facing tremendous challenges: the skyrocketing cost of care, the growing number of recipients, concerns about access to quality care, the complexities of health care financing and inefficiencies in the system. Improving administration is one way to fix inefficiencies and reduce health care costs, but better transaction processing and administrative services are only part of the solution. The focus must include solutions that provide both administrative efficiency and improve the overall health of populations in need.

That's where Expinfo can help. We deliver services that help improve the overall health of our customers' populations and help program managers make better decisions. We also design solutions that ease the administrative burden on providers so access to care is better. We can deliver the most efficient and cost-effective administrative systems and innovative business processes, so fewer dollars go toward administering the program and more dollars go toward health care services for members.

Human Services

The last 25 years have brought sweeping changes to Public Assistance programs such as TANF, Food Stamps and Medicaid. A number of challenges have hampered states in their efforts to respond to change and redesign the service delivery model: increasing program costs, fraud and abuse, incompatible legacy systems and the loss of experienced personnel all add to the problem. A reengineered service delivery model is needed - one that offers citizens simplified access to all Health and Human Services programs.

Expinfo can improve services increased productivity, overall agency efficiency, reduced costs, and government regulation compliance.

Public Safety & Justice

Protecting individuals and providing justice are two of government's most important tasks. Whether it's making court operations more efficient, facilitating life-saving tasks for emergency personnel, deterring unsafe driving behavior, or helping fire departments nationwide manage important data, Expinfo can help government agencies respond to the challenges that public safety and justice pose. You can rely on Expinfo for flexible and proactive solutions that fit your special needs.


Regardless of how our way of life continues to evolve, people and goods will always need to get from place to place. Transportation is essential, and so are new ways of improving efficiencies for the government agencies that provide and manage highways, transit systems, and other transportation programs. Globally, challenges include ever-growing congestion and pollution, increasing demands for portability, and a lack of public funds to enact programs.

Expinfo can helps transportation agencies address such challenges with revenue collection and regulation compliance services worldwide. Rather than relying solely on technology, Expinfo can help governments with insufficient funds or resources find ways to apply new business models and new business processes to meet their challenges. From fare collection to toll solutions, from back-office processing to infrastructure installation, Expinfo can provides systems and services that help governments solve their intractable transportation problems.

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