Database/RDBMS Solutions

Databases are the backbone of any organization and its full utilization within applications and systems require expertise and Experience. We have the technical expertise and infrastructure to choose the appropriate database application for your needs and to ensure optimal database service availability. Our staff of Certified system administrators take a proactive "problem avoidance" approach to assuring your application availability and data integrity. We will help you confront a full range of database issues from trouble-shooting, performance optimizations, and upgrades to capacity planning.

Expinfo, Inc. has a wealth of experienced experts specially when it comes to developing and implementing database systems for small and medium businesses. We specialize in PostGreSQL, MSSql, Ms Access, Oracle etc. and can rapidly develop database systems that enhances your business process.

To ensure a database is created that meets your business need, we prefer to use proven methodologies to foster effective database design .The System Development Life Cycle Model identifies your requirements, enabling a well designed database to be developed which fully meets your objectives and works like a dream.

Our comprehensive database services include:

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Administration
  • Backup
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance and support

Our expert programmers have extensive knowledge and experience implementing all types of databases, including SQL Server, Mysql, Oracle, Microsoft Access, and more.

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL allows companies to synthesize huge volumes of information, recognize and predict trends, and make accurate decisions about key business issues. Microsoft SQL is one of the most popular databases because of Transact SQL features like Implicit (triggers) and Explicit functions, stored procedures (pre-compiled blocks of SQL code), views, data type generation, replication on multiple servers which makes it a more efficient, user friendly but little expensive in comparison to mySQL.


MySQL database server is the world's most popular open source database among all database management systems. Since it is an open source technology, hosting cost is almost negligible.

Oracle Database

Oracle is the world's most powerful relational database management. Generally used with Java and sometimes with PHP and ASP.NET, it is mostly used for high volume performance sensitive data transactions.


By using the our DB2 Database solutions, you can improve and maintain DB2, even in large enterprise implementations such as SAP, with a lower cost of ownership and reduced complexity. Expinfo DB2 Database tools maximize DB2 performance with no impact on operations and for less than you might expect.


PostgreSQL is the most advanced Open Source SQL database system in existance. While the MySQL database may be the most popular today, PostgreSQL is certainly the most powerful. It gives you nearly all of the features of the expensive proprietery database systems at a fraction of the cost and often with greater performance.