Corporate Training

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a computer expert meet with your employees individually at their workstation and provide them with the skills they need to become more efficient with the applications they use every day? Now you can!

Smart businesses realize that providing their employees with training on key business applications results in superior performance and a greater return on investment.

As each technology investment requires an investment in tools and people, the corporate turn to Expinfo, Inc. for their continual training requirements and potential manpower development needs.

"Our corporate traners are internationally certified and vastly experienced having hands-on experience and exposure to multiple nature of projects."

Our team of training professionals are available to assist you in developing a training program to meet your organization's goals. After meeting with you to identify your objectives, we will customize a program specifically for you.

Our training results are enhanced knowledge, efficiency and productivity. We bring the best training convenience and results with :

  • Customization options - Modifying existing courses, blending delivery methods, custom-designing courseware, coaching and mentoring on technologies and tools, consulting for new technology assimilation to address client-specific situation and challenges.
  • Flexibility - Upon receiving the details, we assess and understand the need of our corporate customers and mold accordingly.
  • Wide range of offerings - Information Technology, Project Management, Web Design and Development, Multimedia Development, General Management and Management development programs.
  • Quality instructors - Expinfo uses the traning services from only the Certified technical instructors, with real-world experience working in multitechnology, multivendor, multinetwork environments.
  • Comprehensive Course material - Easy to understand and comprehend study material and practical assignments are being carried out on a regular basis during the training.